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Why Keyfort?


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Keyfort’s IT Engineering services are here to help you stay connected to the outside world securely. Be it ADSL, Fibre or a Leased Line Installation; Keyfort has IT Engineering services available to get you connected swiftly and securely.

What are the benefits that you can take advantage of?

  • Faster Speeds – Connection speed is the fastest it has ever been
  • Reduction in Cost – Keyfort will price match to well known vendors
  • Increased Productivity – With eliminated speed issues, you can work without interruptions
  • Remote Working Solutions Available – Stay connected through the Internet with VPN and the Cloud
  • Virtual Private Networks – Safe and an encrypted connection over different networks
  • VoIP Services – Voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks
  • Cloud Computing – Private access to your businesses sensitive data

Why Keyfort?

When you upgrade using Keyfort, our qualified IT engineers will help you from start to finish – from setting a new internet connection or even upgrading. Our team will also be available after you have upgraded – monitoring and managing your connections. So if you do have any queries or issues,a Keyfort Engineer will always be on stand by to profit assistance with any issue you may have.

Monitoring: Keyfort’s monitoring system helps us manage all of your devices, connections and more! Using our monitoring service we can be proactive and alert to any issues that could arise You would be informed accordingly if for example, a device went offline or a connection was dropped.

Support: Keyfort’s staff are fully qualified IT engineers who are just on the other end of the phone to help you with any issues you have related to the services we provide. We will provide you with a full training plan altered to your needs and learning skills.

Fibre to the premises (FTTP)

As a Virgin Media Business partner, Keyfort can supply Virgin Media Business connections to customers (subject to location). Virgin has speeds available of up to 350 Mbps download and upload speeds from 7 Mbps to 20 Mbps. Keyfort also has excellent supplier relationships with other fibre leased line providers offering huge savings. 

Keyfort can customise a service package to your business needs including static IP addresses.


FTTC – Fibre To The Cabinet

ADSL – Asymmetrical Digital Subscribers Line (to office networks)

VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol (telephone calls over the internet)

Mbps – Mega bits per second (data speed)

VPN – Virtual Private Networking (secure connections. So if you do have any queries or issues,a Keyfort Engineer will be on stand by to profit assistance with any issue you may have

More information on ‘what is what’.

FTTC or ‘Fibre To The Cabinet’ refers to the green boxes you see on every road. Fibre is run from a distribution point nearest cabinet in your area, and the remaining of the cable is connected to your premises. The purpose of FTTC is to provide super-fast broadband connection that includes a downstream of 80 Mbps and an Upstream speed of 19 Mbps- which is faster than ADSL broadband.

FTTC has various other common names- Super Fast Broadband, Fibre Broadband and Infinity.

4G Solutions

With mobile broadband and signal coverage now covering the majority of the UK, 4G solutions are cheap and flexible solutions to keep sometimes the most remote locations connected to business world. Keyfort’s 4G Solutions paired with our business security appliances can make sure that you coverage is flexible and your data is secure. Keyfort c an offer a number of data packages to suit your individual needs and service requirements. Using Keyfort’s hand picked suppliers, you will be able to receive average speeds of 90 Mbit/s. This can be impacted by the location of operation that the hardware will be working in.

Get in contact today to find out more about our packages and services that we offer.


Many organisations have implemented wireless networks, but aren’t utilising them to their full potential. Keyfort’s Wi-Fi solutions include:

  • Multiple Building: meshed together as a single network with roaming between physical locations.
  • User Classes: the ability to assign different user classes each with their own web filtering, security and allocation of available bandwidth.
  • Business Class Hardware: the access points are available in office, industrial and outdoor.
  • Security and Management: central management facilitates full control over the physical network as well as user admin and security.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): PoE negates the need for each wireless access point

Benefits of upgrading your Wi-Fi:

  • Mobility within the Office
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Simpler Infrastructure
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable and High Speeds
  • Customer Engagement
  • Better Remote Access
  • Out of Office Productivity

Firewall Management

Firewall management is resource intensive and requires a high level of expertise to prevent unauthorised access and costly breaches. Security policies and configurations on your firewalls devices must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are consistent. Network firewall traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats before damage is done. 

Keyfort’s firewall management services provide 24/7 monitoring and reporting. Threat policies are maintained and kept up to date ensuring you’re at cutting edge of protection for your business.

Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband is an option available to businesses in rural areas where traditional fixed-line based broadband services aren’t yet available.

The main advantage of satellite broadband is that it can be provided virtually anywhere in the world, so long as you have a clear line of sight to the South generally.


Latency: Due to the long distances involved (up to a satellite in Geo-stationary orbit) some data transfer latency is introduced. It can limit the use of real-time applications but video conferencing and VoIP will work as long as you allow for some additional lag.

Weather: Satellite broadband can be affected by the weather. It requires line of sight between the dish and the satellite orbiting above earth. Although a general rain shower shouldn’t affect things, a large storm should cause disruption to your broadband link.

But when no other internet services are available, the benefits usually outweigh the latency drawbacks!